The story

Digitalization is the power of today and the future

We love challenges and technology.

It’s never been funnier to create a platform to gather talented people, pursue latest knowledge and develop valuable software.

Caliatys was, therefore, created by a specialist in artificial intelligence and a business analyst.

Over the years, we have been providing IT consultancy and training to companies. Our professional advice is able to stabilize our customers’ IT strategy.

We have been building software to meet our customers’ needs, from in-house global IT projects to the latest mobile applications.

We have different teams to specialize in web developments and iOS, Android or Window applications.

With support from our amazing team, we have been united ever since. We trust high quality and reasonable price will eventually make no fear of competition.

We believe digitalization is the power of today and the future. We are excited for it. We are ready for it.




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